General conditions of use

Access to and its use is regulated by these conditions of use and sale.

Access to this website, its use and the purchase of articles from require reading, understanding and accepting these general conditions. The general conditions indicated in this document are only considered to be applicable to sales and transactions made via the website, the domain of which belongs to ZINDACAL, S.L., between individuals and the aforementioned company.

Company identification

The company ZINDACAL, S.L. was legally constituted in Spain with company tax code CIF B-03130754, and is registered in the Registry of Companies in Alicante (Tomo 1430; Folio: 90; Hoja: A-12921 and is subject to the provisions of the courts of Alicante for all intents and purposes. The company’s headquarters is located in Elche (Alicante), C/ Guillermo Marconi, 5. 03203 Elche. Alicante. Spain, with this being its postal and contact address for any communications.

Company purpose

ZINDACAL, S.L. is engaged in the wholesale and retail trade of footwear, leather goods and leather footwear. Access to its website, its catalogue of items and its conditions of sale are described herein in General Conditions and Conditions of Use and Sale. Any action performed that goes against these conditions will be considered null and void.

Modification of general conditions

ZINDACAL, S.L. reserves the right to update and/or modify all or part of the content of these General Conditions in order to adapt them to possible changes in legislation and/or applicable regulations. Updating and/or modification of the General Conditions will be effective from the time of its publication on the website, so we recommend that you review the General Conditions included in this document before completing your order, and if you do not agree with that expressed herein, you cease to use the site because if not you shall be subject to that established in the General Conditions.

Access to ZINDACAL, S.L.

All users have free access to browse items and product lists and there is no access restriction. Likewise, the shopping bag also has free access and is used to select and query different products before completing the purchase. Access to the online shop is restricted at the time of placing and completing the order and therefore the contract is also restricted, ie. from the time it is necessary to enter invoicing information and information relative to the payment method that are considered to be of a personal nature. In this case the user will need to be identified by entering an access code, or, if they don’t have one, by completing a new user application. Once this application has been completed, the user may access the online shop to proceed with the payment and their order and thus the completion of the purchase.

Other considerations

The customer, and therefore the user, is solely and exclusively responsible for the correct use of the website and the content provided therein. The company ZINDACAL, S.L. cannot be held responsible under any concept for improper use of the website or its content by the users or customers. The user is also responsible for the veracity of the information they give to the company. Providing false information to ZINDACAL, S.L. shall be sufficient reason to deny access to the website.

Likewise, access to the website shall be denied to those users who have performed illegal activities, those that violate the law to a greater or lesser extent or that are contrary to the General Conditions expressed herein. Due to the illegal nature of this conduct, the company shall deny access without giving prior notification to the offender.

Legal notice

Identification of the owner

In compliance with Law 34/2002 of the 11th of July regarding Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you that the company owner of the website is:

Owner: ZINDACAL, S.L. C/Guillermo Marconi, 5. 03203 Elche. Alicante. Spain

That said company is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Alicante, Volume 1343 General,  Folio 135, Page A-8559, 1st Inscription.  And that the company, ZINDACAL, S.L., through its website, sells items from its product catalogue solely and exclusively to consumers and/or end users, considering them as such, for legal purposes, as the individuals who purchase, use or enjoy the goods or products  as end users for purposes other than business, commercial or professional activities (General Law of Consumer and User Protection). Furthermore, ZINDACAL, S.L. reserves the right to update and/or modify both items sold individually and those sold commercially in general, that appear on its website, ie., modify or update prices, items, special promotions, business and service conditions, etc. These modifications will in no way affect the purchases already made or, if the case may be, the delivery time.

Data protection

Transaction security

Transactions on the website are made using a secure payment platform, hosted on secure servers and based on SSL standards of third party data protection.

Information processing

Information and data of a personal nature provided by our customers will be processed according to the Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December regarding Personal Data Protection. ZINDACAL, S.L. is responsible for the correct use of this data and recognises its customer’s rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with regard to their data. To do so, send a letter stating that your wish to exercise this right to the address below or in an email to in addition to a registered. ZINDACAL, S.L. C/Guillermo Marconi, 5. 03203 Elche. Alicante. Spain.

General purchase conditions

The general conditions stated in this document solely and exclusively regulate the sale and purchase of products sold by ZINDACAL, S.L. via its website The legal notice published on this website identifies the owner of the website according to the provisions of Art. 10 of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

The products sold on the website are for private use, so their purchase is subject to the conditions referred to in the sale and purchase contract. The sale and purchase contract is considered to be correct at the time that the customer expressly confirms their order, and it will be necessary to previously accept the general conditions stated therein. Therefore, ZINDACAL, S.L. recommends that its customers read the legal notice published on this website in its entirety as well as the general conditions and the product description that specifies the characteristics, the price and the delivery method before accepting the order, which places the order and completes the contract. This contract encompasses the legal framework established by the Civil Code, Law 7/1998 of General Contracting Conditions and Law 7/1996 of Retail Trade, meaning that the consumer has all of the guarantees established for their protection in the Royal Decree 1/2007 of the 16th of November which approves the Revised Text of the General Law for Consumer and User Protection.

Furthermore, this contract encompasses the general framework established for Electronic Commerce by Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services. Likewise, the information provided by the customer during the purchase process will be processed in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of General Data Protection.

Once the seller and the item to be purchased from the website’s current catalogue have been identified, and referring to the information about the characteristics and price of each item included in the corresponding description.

Payment methods

From the time the buyer accepts the purchase, the contract is completed and it links the parties as far as the seller’s obligation to deliver the goods and the buyer’s obligation to pay the established amount.

The full payment of the price of the products, which is shown on each of the descriptions, is to be made using one of the methods listed below:

Payment using a credit or debit card: The customer may choose to make the payment using a credit or debit card and the transaction will be confirmed at the time of making the order. The payment will be processed by Banco de Sabadell, who is responsible for providing the respective remote electronic payment service without any third party being able to access it. The credit card information is entered directly in the bank’s secure website, and none of the data can be saved by our servers.

Payment using Paypal: The customer can opt for this payment method provided that they are a Paypal user. The payment is only registered in the Paypal account, and no third party can access it.

Payment by deposit or Bank Transfer: You can issue the payment from your usual bank to ZINDACAL, S.L.’s bank account indicating the order number in the field “remarks” or “concept”.

Banco Sabadell: IBAN ES48 0081 5107 19 0001022813 BIC: BSABESBB

The payment must be issued, maximum, within 3 working days from the moment the order is made. At the time of issuing the payment the order number provided on the order confirmation must be detailed in the concept field, this is necessary to identify the payment properly to proceed with the shipment of the article (s) in the shortest time possible.

Right to revoke

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 44 of the Retail Trade Law, the buyer may revoke this contract within seven days following the receipt of the items. Once the buyer has informed the seller of their withdrawal, they must return the merchandise to the seller in the same conditions in which they received it. The seller will refund the buyer the amount of the order as soon as possible and within a maximum of 30 days following the withdrawal or termination. Orders may not be reversed after the specified deadlines (and merchandise may not be returned).

The seller must be notified of the withdrawal via email to, in addition to a registered letter sent to, además de vía carta certificada a la dirección ZINDACAL, S.L. C/Guillermo Marconi, 5. 03203 Elche. Alicante. Spain) within the seven day deadline.


In accordance with that established in the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of the 16th of November which approves the Revised Text of the General Law for Consumer and User Protection, ZINDACAL, S.L. guarantees all of products encompassed in this contract with a general nature from the date of receipt of the merchandise, in the event of any factory defect or non-conformity with the characteristics specified therein. The customer has the right to the free replacement of the product encompassed in the contract as well as the termination of the contract, if the case may be. In order to formalise the guarantee, the customer must contact ZINDACAL, S.L. via email to, in addition to sending a registered letter to ZINDACAL, S.L. C/Guillermo Marconi, 5. 03203 Elche. Alicante. Spain)


The parties to this contract, for the purpose of possible notification in relation to the contract, fix ZINDACAL, S.L.’s address at that stated in these General Conditions, and the customer’s address being that provided in the purchase form.

Likewise, in the event of any incident or breech of the sale/purchase, the parties to this contract will be subjected to the courts of Elche (Alicante) in the case of the address being different.

Price policy

ZINDACAL, S.L. reserves the right to change the price of the products and services sold on its website To ensure the customer the accuracy and security of the price of the products, the prices shown in the advertising at the time of placing the order are those in force.

Intellectual property

The content of the website is understood to be all the designs, photographs and image rights, graphics, audio, video, text, trademark, intellectual and material rights included in the aforementioned website, as well as the software and the online shop application and the HTML codes contained within the website. According to the national legislations for intellectual property protection, all of the aforementioned contents are protected by this legislation and are the property of ZINDACAL, S.L. The contents of the website may only be used by the customer with the express authorisation for such, issued by ZINDACAL, S.L., meaning that any reproduction of the aforementioned contents is completely prohibited and may have serious legal consequences. Likewise, copying, modification, distribution, transmission, reproduction, publication or commercial use of the content, software, products and services offered by ZINDACAL, S.L. on its website is prohibited and punishable by law, as well as the reproduction or copying of the contents of this website on servers external to ZINDACAL, S.L. Any benefit obtained from the publication of the website in external means and not directly and personally contracted and/or managed by ZINDACAL, S.L. is also considered to be prohibited and punishable by law.

Use of the website

Use of the website. The customer is authorised to browse the content and items sold on the website, to query their characteristics and to navigate around the website to perform as many operations as necessary to complete the purchase of the items for sale. This navigation and querying process is considered to be essential in order to make the purchase and is also an integral part of the website itself. ZINDACAL, S.L. guarantees that both its servers and the content of its website are secure and virus free.

Relevant legislation and jurisdiction

Legislation and jurisdiction relevant to ZINDACAL, S.L. and its website are subject to the Spanish legislation and regulations for all intents and purposes. Any incident will be subject to the provisions of the courts of Elche provided that there is no opposing statute.