Welcome to Zinda Shoes

ZINDA means "life" of "being alive" according to Hindu tradition. We have collected that meaning for fresh, vital women, creating shoe collections for dynamic, elegant women that appreciate fashion with comfort.

ZINDA is a renewed commitment with "Made in Spain", quality and design of our shoes, with strength and character visible in all our collections.

ZINDA is international recognition and prestige, achieved after nearly twenty years of manufacturing and bringing our products worldwide. Today, our export rate is more than 95% of total production.

ZINDA are alive fashion shoes for a woman full of life.

As a company with great prestige and international recognition, Zindacal, S.L. has carried out different actions focused on the internationalisation of the company. These have been co-financed by the Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo included in the aid programme to support the promotion abroad of the Comunitat Valenciana for the financial year 2021. The project has been supported with a grant of €30,461.10.