Welcome to Zinda Shoes

ZINDA is a Spanish women's footwear brand born in Elche (Alicante). Since our beginnings, the company has had a constant commitment to the "Made in Spain", the quality and design of our creations, integrating the character and strength visible in all collections.

Fine craftmanship, perfection and style could define our brand. Zinda collection offers feminine and elegant creations designed with comfort in mind. Impeccably handcrafted, each pair represents a blossoming cycle of talent, technique and artistry exuding attention to detail with high quality materials.

As a company with great prestige and international recognition, Zindacal, has carried out actions focused on strategic consultancy with the aim of digitalising international activity, digital marketing and online channels for marketing abroad. This action is co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF Programme of the Valencian Community 2021-27. The project has been supported with a grant of €8,460.00.  

Zindacal has also carried out different actions focused on the internationalisation of the company. These have been co-financed by the
Conselleria de Economía Sostenible, Sectores Productivos, Comercio y Trabajo included in the aid programme to support the promotion abroad of the Comunitat Valenciana for the financial year 2022. The project has been supported with a grant of €46,559.48. In the past financial year 2021, it was supported with a grant of €30,461.10. 

More recently, Zindacal, S.L. has carried out new actions focused on the internationalisation of the company for which it has received a grant from the current Regional Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism included within the aid programme of Support for the external promotion of the Valencian Community for the financial year 2023.

The project, with file number INTPRM/2023/220, has been supported with a grant of 49,164 €.