The Styling Dutchman & Zinda Block heel sandals

26/04/2016 11:33

The Styling Dutchman offers up fresh ideas for playing it fashionably cool. Here is the last street-style trend to wear now. A block heel sandal is the perfect way to inject some height into your summer wardrobe. They will take you through the season with style. For best results contrast with a total black ensemble for the epitome of warm weather work wear sophistication.

New Collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 Tour

28/01/2016 12:19

Time to introduce Autumn-Winter 2016/17 New Collection. First stop, Berlin. Then, Tokio, Paris and Milan. 

Furry Shoes

07/01/2016 11:17

The furry-shoe has been the boom of the year 2015. But this Winter 2016, is all about a touch of fur too. Because Winter is coming, and the best way to suit up for the frost is start from the bottom up. You’ll be surprised how far a touch of fur on your cold-weather shoes will take you. Zinda made it, with a Wrap & warm hairy-furry shoes, possibly de most prominent trend to be seen this season. Eskimo-style fur applications over shoes on amazing sole constructions. One of our favorite looks.

Three reasons to wear Stilettos

14/12/2015 18:58

The stilettos are a classic women's shoes with high heels that stylize the legs, and are full of sophistication and simplicity. Boots with this kind of heels are a perfect choice for Winter. Why? We give you three good reasons for it: 

1. They are just perfect for any occasion, urban and casual looks, and the smarter outfits. 

2.They are good enough to warm you up still showing your beautiful legs.

3. This kind of shoe always stylized your legs, and make you feel like the queen of the night. The classic heeled stilettos is wider at the top, and tapering at the bottom.

*The fashion blogger, Annebeth Bells, matchs Zinda stilettos with a tweed skirt, and silk shirt.


Ana Albadalejo & Zinda

24/11/2015 11:02

This week it's all about the cold Winter. The looks of our favorite bloggers are full of hats, shirts and boots as we could see at Ana Albadalejo's last post. In this post, published via ELLE, Ana appears for the first time wearing her new Zinda ankles boots for this Autumn-Winter 2015/2016.

Zinda's World

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